Value-Rubber is an innovative recycling technology of rubber from End-of-LifeTyres (ELTs) which achieves the rubber complete devulcanization. The obtained product is a devulcanized rubber, Value-Rubber, with a maximized potential to be used as a full substitute of virgin rubbers in conventional manufacturing processes. DevulCore technology has been already demonstrated in relevant environment by a mini devulcanization plant obtaining high quality products.

Rubber is a key raw material for Europe since is either a petroleum based (Synthetic rubber) or imported (Natural rubber) source. Since 2008, European Waste Framework Directive establishes ELTs mandatory managing In Europe, more than 3 million tons of ELTs are generated every year and treated in several ways, split into: Energy recovery (53%) and Material recovery (47%)


Regarding material recovery , primary treatment consists of a separation of textile and steel, and of a rubber size reduction in order to produce ELTs derived rubbers: shred, granulate (main stream, 90%) and powder. Granulated and powder rubber are also minority used as filler in low grade moulded products in order to reduce manufacturing costs.

A small proportion of granulated rubber goes to secondary treatments, whose application isn´t widespread due main objective, the recovery of both the whole rubber properties and its performance (in order to be used as virgin rubber substitute), hasn´t still reached.


DevulCore is a complete devulcanization technology which takes the most of two methods, mechanical plus a non-conventional heating It permits both the strict control and the tuning of the devulcanization process parameters, being able of selectively break both the surface and non surface C-S bonds, without breaking main chain C-C bonds. The output is devulcanized rubber (Value-Rubber) with a range of devulcanization percentage tuned as convenience, up to 100% if desired. Value-Rubber is widely actionable and vulcanizable without virgin rubbers addition, maintaining its quality source properties.

VALUE-RUBBER has the following main aim:


 To carry out technical activities in order to transfer previous batch process validated at functional level into an operational modular prototype of 30 kg/h aiming at demonstrate DevulCore technology and Value-Rubber Family in operational environment as well as to assure a fast industrial scale-up.


 To promote technology and products involving stakeholders and end users as well as making it ready our commercial plan in order to assure a successful market entry