Centro Tecnológico del Calzado y del Plástico


CETEC is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the competitiveness of the regional SMEs and companies in the footwear, rubber and plastic sector. CETEC was founded in 1994 with the help of the regional administration and regional manufacturers. Currently, it is formed by almost 70 SMSs and companies of footwear, rubber and plastic areas.


CETEC is a meeting point to carry out R&D project, acquire legal information, regional and national funding for projects, among other activities. For this purpose, the company is organized in four departments: (1)


Administration and Management, (2) R&D, (3) Laboratory and Quality and (4) Technical Consultancy, in charge of the following activities:


 Conducting R&D leading to transfer processes.


 Promoting the implementation of innovative technologies in business.


 Generating and disseminating technological knowledge to companies devoted to similar activities.


 Collaborating and promoting standardization processes.


 Disseminating the values of technology in the environment economic and social of the centre.


 Ensuring appropriate advice and technical assistance in those areas that are particularly sensitive to the competitive development:- Quality control, Product development and industrial design, Industrial organization and production, Automation and industrial robotics.


CETEC is an associate member of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).


CETEC is a member of the Network of Technological Centers in the Region of Murcia (CECOTEC), is recognized as Results Transfer Office (OTRI) for the Government of Spain. It is actively involved in major standardization committees on plastic and rubber items.


Currently, the main research areas are the incorporation of nanoparticles to polymer/rubber matrix, development of green technology for plastic and rubber applications, and development of plastics/rubbers formulations for high performance industrial products.



DYMOTEC nv is a Belgian company with organizational abilities, workers and facilities where the company has been able to meet the expectations and requirements of customers for 20 years.


Over the past years, DYMOTEC has become a company with a respected position in the area of industrial installations, common automation and automation and mechanization of technological processes as well as in production and/or assembly of customized installations. The company has gradually gained ground on foreign markets.


External companies active in different fields rely on DYMOTEC to support them with knowledge for engineering, automation, production, assembly and /or service.


DYMOTEC is active in the field of automation, engineering and production:


  1. Automation

Design of electrical equipment projects for working machine units and lines, including controlled drives. In the scope of the delivery, special atypical components of electrical equipment can be designed (control panels, custom-made switchboards etc.) Projects of automatization, including the software with a wide spectrum of control systems.


  1. Engineering

The branch of engineering provides delivery of complete turnkey technological units. It has its own commercial, design and construction department and a department of external purchasing of the production. High quality and reliable electrical equipment is created by up-to-date devices and they are delivered to customers working in the food industry, engineering, also in chemical and heavy industry.


  1. Production

Main activities in this area are production of electric switchboards, distribution panels, data boxes, control panels. Beside this we develop tailor-made stainless steel machines for all kinds of industries, cooling, heating and drying. For these constructions, some parts are outsourced to certified third parties.

Every product and every machine is thoroughly tested before it is sent to the customer. These tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the customer.



The following link gives additional information of the activities and added value of DYMOTEC:



The company SYNTHELAST has the whole capabilities, machinery, human resources and experiences. They are specialists on the areas of thermoplastics and elastomers, designing, developing and optimizing polymeric materials blends and master batches for its further use in several industrial sectors, as i.ex the footwear sector. In this sense, their location in Elche (Spain), the heart of the Spanish footwear industry is absolutely strategic.


SYNTHELAST has been strongly committed to in-house research and development, being currently one of the few independent companies in the polymer industry with their own technology.


SYNTHELAST is part of SYNTHESIA Group, which founded in 1964 and it is currently one of the leading formulators of thermoplastics and elastomers in Europe.


They not only produces compounds and but also manufacture some moulded products as shoe soles for footwear and moulded sheets for several purposes.


BORFLEX is a rubber, polyurethane and TPE manufacturing company.


BORFLEX Group. history dates back to 1987, with the takeover of the BORFLEX Rouen (Upper
Normandy), which originally produced rubber conveyor belts.


In 2003, BORFLEX Group created BORFLEX Rubber, a production facility dedicated to the
production of rubber compounds for the rubber industry.


Today, BORFLEX Group has more than 350 skilled employees, 10 production sites in France and
1 in Switzerland, 6 development centers, 2 R&D laboratories. BORFLEX Group supplies rubber
solutions to more than 3000 customers in over 30 countries across the world, thanks to a
diversification strategy based on R&D, on innovation and on international development.


BORFLEX proclaims its goal of becoming the reference for the production of value-added
rubber components over the years thanks to its ability to respond to the market for rubber and
polyurethane technical components.


BORFLEX products operate on many markets: defense, railway, automotive, energy, food-
processing industry, industrial maintenance… Beyond their product catalog, their engineering
department is focused on the design and manufacture of rubber, polyurethane or TPE
customized solutions.


BORFLEX is the specialist of the development, the improvement and the production of
compounds to meet the expectations of its manufacturing customers, for designing, prototyping
and manufacturing rubber parts (TPE and polyurethane as well) dedicated to the industry.

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena


The RTO (Research and technology organisation) UPCT has the whole capabilities, machinery, human resources and experiences, to:


 Carry out the design of the microwave prototype module.


 Carry out the design of the extruder outlet conveyor belt.


 Carry out the design of the control software.


 Collaborate in the manufacture, assembly the different components and the functional and safety control system development.


 Collaborate in the adjustments of MW module operational parameters.


 Collaborate in the DevulCore process optimization.


The involved investigation group of the University of Cartagena which will carried out the tasks planned within the project framework is The Matter and Electromagnetics Group (GEM) of the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT). GEM is a team devoted to the research and development of applications of Microwave Engineering.


Since its very beginning it dedicated numerous efforts towards microwave heating research as an alternative to conventional energy use. Currently the group has a competitive laboratory from which high quality research emerges. This was achieved by purchasing high precision heating and measurement equipment and making use of the diverse microwave-related disciplines. This effort was paralleled with the establishment of contacts with the local industry, aiming at the possibilities of facing traditional problems with novel microwave heating techniques.


In the last years the group has produced more than 80 papers in peer-review international journals, more than 100 contributions to international conferences and 12 patents, and has participated in more than 35 research projects, with public institutions and private companies, related with microwave heating.