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Diablo 4 twisting blades build endgame reddit

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Spammy and easy to play The legendary that gives damage vs. I basically took all of them and took what I thought were the best aspects, skills, and paragon for the build and put them together. VAL. BUT I like it even more now, it seems more powerful and faster than before. bow with shadow imbuement and piercing shots was actually decent for the beginning. Great dmg and great sustain. My Poison Imbuement Twisting Blades build. 5k) Maxed out Counter Poison Trap (2600 Poison dmg & imbuements cooldown reset) Shadow & Poison imbuement. The Rogue's Twisting Blades Skill quickly stole the spotlight as one of the class' best abilities in Diablo 4. Not sure what i’m doing wrong, got 2 daggers equipped, but the blades are not ”spinning” like I’ve seen in some build guides. Please note that when using a Legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power, you will always receive the lowest value within the range of values that the bonus. Diablo 4 Players Melt World Boss in 15 Seconds. Why you don't like it? Abram367 • 29 min. I'm not max level yet but it's gone down a lot in the last 2 days. Rogues. Flurry Rogue Build. I was targeting maxroll’s endgame twisting blades rogue build but for the last 10-15 levels I got carried away with the unique items (have like 1 and a half full stash of different unique) so I think I kinda screwed my self with it and I have a feeling that I am steering in the wrong. ago Pull up the build on the maxroll page. Dash. So I was wanting to using a Poison twisting blades build for Rogue and I found several different builds of it. Previously I saw it was listed as one of the S-tier builds but would like to know what is the consensus now - considering the. Thanks! Its in codex. Endgame Tier List Last Updated: July 2nd 2023 Share on Social This Tier List defines the level 50-100 experience, after the player has unlocked all end-game activities. . It seems Twisting Blades was shadow nerfed and it doesn’t work correctly atm it seems. Diablo IV Forums Flurry build or Twisted. Twisting Blades deals 30% increased damage when returning. It felt relatively squishy, slow, and had little sustain. . If you use Twisting Blades and then dash through a group of enemies, you can catch anything nearby with the blades as they return, dealing massive piercing damage as they travel back to you. I'm a 55 rogue on S1 playing Twisting Blades and I'm having a lot of fun! I'm currently running this build: https://www. Offer ends. . ago. Weekly BUILD GUIDES Thread (Videos, YouTube, etc) r/diablo4 • [Weekly Questions + FAQ Thread] Frequently Asked- Niche- and New Player Questions –belong HERE-- (+ Crossplay / Cross-save, System Requirements, Battle Pass, etc). #diablo4 #ashava #beta #maxroll #blizzard Diablo 4 Guides:Necromancer Leveling Guide: https://youtu. flurry should be a safer choice for hc. It has it's limits in pushing very high Nightmare Dungeons (where the enemys have much higher level as you are when you use. Twisting Blades spinning around Rogue? Hi guys, do you guys know how to get the twisting blades to hover around rogue after return? Is it an item or skill? I heard it was in ACT II but i just finished it and still dont have it. The place to discuss news, streams, drops, builds and all things Diablo 4. My Poison Imbuement Twisting Blades build So I was wanting to using a Poison twisting blades build for Rogue and I found several different builds of it. . met_scrip_pic stm32 adc multi channel polling example.

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